Dankeschön aus Honduras

Wir habe ein ganz herzliches Dankesschreiben aus Honduras erhalten. Die Leipziger SPORTLÖWEN habe im vergangenen Jahr Judoanzüg an ein Waisenhaus in Zentralamerika gespendet. Den Erfolg kann man in den Kinderaugen sehen (Foto und Video). Da spendet man gern!

Eine Stunde von der Hauptstadt entfernt liegt der “Rancho Santa Fe”, ein blühendes Kinderdorf. Fast 600 Jungen und Mädchen leben in diesem Heim in den Hügeln von Honduras.

Für mehr Informationen über die Hilfsorganisation Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™ (NPH), Spanisch für “Unsere kleinen Brüder und Schwestern” einfach hier klicken!

Der Dankesbrief im Original:

Dear Thomas,
On behalf of our children at Rancho Santa Fe, I would like to express my deep gratitude for you and your group’s generous gift of judo uniforms. The mission of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos is to provide our children with a permanent family and home in which they can grow in the love and care of a supportive community. Our programs work to provide quality education, health care, and spiritual formation with the goal of raising good Christians and productive members of society.  We rely heavily on the generous contributions of supporters like you to continue our mission and encourage each child to reach their individual potential.
Your gift of new judo uniforms provides our children the opportunity to pursue new activities and develop self-confidence by learning a new skill. Encouraging our children to develop individual interests and talents is an important component to making sure that they receive special attention and support within the NPH family. This year, two of our children who particularly excel in judo were able to travel to Guatemala to compete!
Your support teaches our children the invaluable lesson that resources are meant to be shared with our brothers and sisters, and that every last child has the right to health and happiness. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary here in Honduras, we recognize that what we are truly celebrating are the combined efforts of our staff, our volunteers, and the support of generous people like you. Please pass on our thanks to all of your students and their parents for their contribution!
Every smile of every child on the Ranch can be seen as a sign of gratitude.
Thank you!


Stefan Feuerstein
National Director
NPH Honduras

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